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  • Just wondering. Has any effort ever been made to organize Block tax preparers on a local or
    national level?

    Looks like this is the only way to stop the
    continual wage reductions.

    The current management attitude is: Hey, it's our Company and if you don't like what we are doing, leave.

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    • You are dreaming. It will never happen. We are just seasonal employees.

      I'm not sure you can use a small section of Block employees who post on this bulletin board to make a wide, broad-based assumption that many employees want a union.

      I am also guessing that on average Block employees are paid better than JH or Liberty.

      My feeling is we like like to grouse, but on the whole we are pretty well paid.

      I actually made more money, working fewer hours, doing less returns. I surpassed my retention goals by much more than I expected.

      Would I like to see some changes in the operations of my tax office. Yes. Am I well paid for my services. Yes.

      Although I was not part of the new national pilot plan, I am under the new "blended rate" structure.

      It does sound as if management could have handled the communication of the new pilot plan better. They did alright communicating the "blended rate" plan when it was first announced.

      As we have all known as seasonal employees we can only accept the contract offer each year as presented. I do review each change in compensation, make up my mind, sign up, then monitor my actual results.

      If it gets to the point where I am not willing to accept the next years' contract, I will probably be forced to look elsewhere.

      I am certainly not at that point yet.

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