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  • skyb8783 skyb8783 Mar 14, 2009 8:46 AM Flag

    Appointments for Next Year

    We've been told to make appointments for our clients next year - whether they want them or not - for the same date and time they came in this year.

    Our CSCs are making up appointment cards to send to them so our time is now blocked off for next year.

    If these clients don't want the appointment, they're supposed to call in and reschedule. In the meantime, if they don't reschedule or don't show at all, we'll be wasting our time waiting for them when we could be helping other clients.

    One preparer said she might go in and delete all of the names for her because none of her clients want advance appointments.

    Any thoughts?

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    • Wow! What a nasty concept! Actually setting an advance appointment for a client. I sure hate when those pushy receptionists at my doctor and dentist have the nerve to actually set an appointment for me six months to a year in advance. Are you serious? Is everyone on this board such whiners? When are people going to wake up and realize that setting appointments is OK and that our clients really don't mind? Or do you always transfer your own personal assumptions on everyone you meet?

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      • Do you read what you write? You just asked this message board if the people reading this "always transfer their own personal assumptions on everyone they meet?" What do you think H&R Block is doing? They are ASSUMING (this is an assumption in my book) that the client will 1)want to come back and 2)the client has no life other than live around the day and time that the preparer sets for them.

        BACK OFF!! Allow people to use their minds and have a life!! H&R Block is NOTHING like my doctor or dentist and I certainly don't allow them to set my appointments 6 months to a year out!!

      • I sure hate when those pushy receptionists at my doctor and dentist have the nerve to actually set an appointment for me six months to a year in advance. - hrbbill

        I'm scheduled to see my doctor six months in advance. Without an appointment I become training for whatever nine year old just became a doctor.

        The advantage to scheduling in advance for a tax client is he's more likely to see a qualified preparer, most likely the preparer he would request next year.

        The only disadvantage I see to the program is a DM who gerrymanders schedules so his buddies work when there are appointments.
        (D)o you always transfer your own personal assumptions on everyone you meet? - hrbbill

        I actually hope the program works wonders for the preparers who offer appointments.
        Is everyone on this board such whiners? - hrbbill

        I look past the whining and consider them canaries who whose warnings should be heeded. The previous management continued some real harebrained schemes and nearly bankrupted the company. Please read last year's annual report where Chairman Breeden summarized previous management's failures.

        Let's just hope management doesn't ignore canaries.

        By the way, I like the hat.

    • I keep asking for those 2010 appointments, though maybe alittle less than 50% decide to get them when I offer them to them.

      I can't wait to see how many of those 4/14 and 4/15 appointments I made last year actually come in for 4/14/09 and 4/15/09 - I'm figuring I'll be lucky if 10% actually show up :-)

      I take a more positive view of appointments than others on this topic have posted so far. Over a couple seasons, I'm thinking that more and more of our clients will get used to setting those appointments and actually showing up for them on a regular basis. But its like any new product or offering HRB has done over the years - generally it takes a couple seasons for it to take hold. I figure it may be 2011 or 2012 before a majority of my clients really get used to these one year out appointments and plan their tax return activities around them.

      Time will tell if I'm right on this last point or not.....

    • Next year, call the appointments about a week ahead of time and verify, cancel or reschedule the appointments.

    • Can you say "H&R Block is desperate?" I can

    • I fully agree. I think it's presumptious and outright pushy. Some of clients are fine with it and I do book them but they are regulars who are money in the bank. Some people just don't like even being asked. Somehow I feel like a salesman instead of a tax prep person. By the by I've stopped as of two weeks ago. I don't even ask anymore. I'm sick of the second look pressure and the peace of mind. I do think peace of mind is good for some clients and I'm running around 28 %. Like anything anything else one size does not fit all. I think we owe our clients a measure of respect. Ok, now I've vented. Just one person's opinion. Good tax season to all.

    • I have said the same thing all year long. What I have done is call the client the day before to find out if they are coming or I have just deleted them the day of so if I have a client that wan't that appointment slot it won't interfer.

    • Make the appointments for the last few days of next years tax season. When you start back in January 2010 go in and delete them.
      Of course, I would never do such a thing.


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