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  • taxnerd50 taxnerd50 Jan 4, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    Price per return?

    Any guesses on AVG fee for Block, JH and Liberty?

    Just curious, I guess $165, $195, $245 respectively. John will make bank! JH will recover a bit, and maybe Block will capture some market share? Any thoughts? Have a great season no matter which company you work at!

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    • Your product may be worth ZERO; mine is not.

      If a restaurant gives a free meal, it's generally BOGO or a discount. I've never had a restaurant or a cereal manufacturer give me a years supply of their product. There is a BIG difference between a tax return and a meal - the tax customer will not be back for another year, and IF they remember where they got their free meal (return) last year, they may want another freebie next year (they're certainly going to be price conscious.)

      If you don't get this concept, you might as well be preparing freebies for block. Really, this is a good thing for everybody OTHER THAN block, because it fills your waiting room with the people that want a free lunch.

    • H&R Block company offices average fee:


      I don’t see it going down…

      The 2010 is less coupons and discounts divided by retail tax returns. Other years use other criteria like “clients served”.

    • 22 million is NOT the number of Tax office customers. It will probably be 14 million or so. Also the FREE is really free. No income, no commission. Obviously this is not a large part of the total returns. Everyone is biting the bullet to get new customers in the door. Businesses give away free products all the time to get new customers to try a product. Its like giving out a $39 coupon. Just an advertising expense.

    • Why can't people do math, Taxnerd?

      Over the past few weeks, I posted that just a $7 fee increase
      during 2011
      would recoup any $$$$ lost by RAL rules change. It's easy.
      22M worldwide customers X $7...
      you know how to do it!
      Even if you lost 10% of customer-base, then raise $8. WOW!

      Now, that you affirm
      the average fee will be near $165, it just supports my opinion.

      the pen is mightier.....

    • $200 $225 $210 respectively

      JH is always the highest of the three. Not sure this is a good thing though.

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