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  • peep43 peep43 Jan 18, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    IRS loses lawsuit in fight against tax preparers

    A federal judge on Friday barred the IRS from imposing a series of new regulations, including a competency exam, on hundreds of thousands of tax preparers. So what will that mean for Block? And those of us who paid for this test?

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    • annalisasmith Feb 14, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

      It appears that this was a political move on the part of the courts who may feel the government has been
      micro-managing the economy. It's unfortunate that citizens are being tossed back and forth like ping pong
      balls! This is why the economy is stuck. Try to take heart in the fact that you're credentialed. I would much
      rather have my taxes done by you and not by the "fly-by-nights".

    • Most of us have been asking for this for such a long time, we welcomed the new regulations hoping it would stop the incompetents from hanging a shingle. It's why there is such harsh due diligence with a $500 fine on the back of preparers for EIC returns right now. We have to be the "police" because of all the crooks, cons and incompetent preparers. Yesterday, grilling new clients in a joking matter, I asked: can you prove these kids are yours, and the guy called the 2 kids out of the waiting room, had them come to my desk and said "Can't you see they look like me?" Made me laugh, wondering if I should write that out on the 8867. "Children were spiting image of Dad, can't deny there are his."

    • IRS will go to the Congress to pass a law to allow this. The court ruled that IRS did not have the authority unless granted by Congress. Block will lobby Congress not to pass it. How else will they get tax preparers to work for $8/hr?

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