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  • exhrbemployee exhrbemployee Mar 12, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    It was only a matter of time

    Great job HRB. Keep up the great work by outsourcing and laying off the employees who knew what they were doing. Incompentancy is eventually going to catch up with you. 600,000 returns delayed due to one form being messed up...imagine what other issues you haven't heard about. Better raise your prices again since your market share is dwindling. Check the financials and you'll see the number of returns keep on decreasing. No matter how many trolls you get to write inane posts about how your stock is going to explode, you can't fix stupid.

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    • Fiscal year ends April 30. Annual report is released in June. If I owned stocks I would sell late May/ Early June if current stock prices holds or increases.

    • I'm making this comment as an ex-HRB employee (worked for HRB as a seasonal employee for 17 years, and have been on my own since 2011).

      Yes it looks like HRB has had its problems processing tax returns this season. They are not the only ones pulling their hair out over form issues. Just ask those independent tax pros out there who have had similar issues with other tax software programs this year. I've heard grumblings from Tax Works and ATX users (seems like the ATX folks have had a really bad tax software season from everything I've heard and read to date). Many tax pros across the industry have been impacted by late form availability from the IRS, and all the last minute tax software changes need by software vendors to get all this mess updated for processing 2012 tax returns.

      Lets just put the blame where it belongs - with our US Congress and White House administration. They are the ones who basically screwed around until the last possible minute to put in tax law changes for 2012 at the end of 2012. They are the ones who then forced the IRS to scramble for the last two months to implement all these changes and them send them forward to all the tax software to basically run around with their backsides on fire trying to update all their software at warp speed to take care of a tax season in progress. So surprise, surprise a bunch of tax returns all over the country get messed up and leave a bunch of taxpayers up the creek without a paddle needing tax refunds to cover their piling up bills after the folks in Washington reinstalled the old FICA tables again in Jan 2013.

      If you want to throw brick bats at anyone, then at least throw it to the ones actually responsible for all this mess this tax season.

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      • No, some companies have screwed up royally independently of the government. Intuit's problems with the state of MN is another example. Somehow everyone but Intuit was able to get MN returns right, yet there's a whole host of problems with all of their software - Turbo as well as Lucerte and other products. Blaming Block's screw ups on the Congress is nonsense. Others got the education credits right. Why couldn't Block? It is, after all, a level playing field... everybody is in the same boat.

    • Looks like HRB made a good decision on the above exemployee.

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      • Definitely an example of a troll for many thousands of posts or replies do you have Phil? I probably have around 50, why because I only comment when it's based on fact and not conjecture like you. Also my job doesn't consist on performing PR for HRB in an attempt to justify their mistakes, by needlessly attacking people whom I don't even personally know or have worked with. That's ok though, I realize that's your job and I don't take any offense by your incoherent ignorant diatribes. Eventually there will come a time when your $8 hour gig posting comments will be replaced with automated scripts and then we'll discover the real Phil.

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      • Hey ex, of the 7 types of trolls, I think this one fits Phil2 u well.....

        Just Don't Get It Troll. Just Don't Get It Troll is the feeblest form of troll life. In fact he hardly qualifies as a troll at all because he doesn't understand what proper trolling is about, or indeed what the interweb thing is really for, or anything. He'll often begin his rants with "I can't believe you get paid for writing this rubbish" or "How disgraceful that a fine newspaper like the Telegraph should allow its reputation to be sullied by such bilge". [Yeah, like you're in a position to complain when you read the stuff for free online] Or they'll have a go at you for writing in too casual a style, or for promoting your books, or for not writing about the subject they wanted you to write – or at least not in the way they would have done it had THEY been writing the piece. That's why they're called Just Don't Get It Trolls: because they Just Don't Get It.

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    • annalisasmith Mar 13, 2013 12:16 AM Flag

      I distrust hrb and waited until it got halfway out of the toilet to flee.

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