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  • boar292hog boar292hog Apr 12, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    Anyone want to hand out their SSN in a HRB office?

    Just go to 175 Damonte Ranch PKWY! Open cubicles....( that is to say, NO CUBICLES/privacey partitions) , Mom's with kids running around......and older retired gentlemen asked for his last 4 and he gave his entire SSN which I heard as I was a mere 6 or 7 feet away. No expectation of PRIVACEY inside that HRB office. Should never have been opened!
    Felt like I was in some bannana republic nation like Cuba...where the furniture is run down.....everyone gets to bare their SSNs, tax situation....addresses, incomes...etc. for anyone else interested in listening in!
    Way to PROTECT the privacey of your customers HRB!

    I know, I know, a person can decide for themselves if they want to go somewhere else or not.....but this office is what replaced a highend private office setup in SW Reno.....very nice office setup.
    This NEW, run down office (that replaced the posch office with ASSURED PRIVACY (via totally separate offices) went to far as to call customers and give them the new location! MONTHS AGO!

    I have to ask HRB where the CHE portrait was? or maybe Mao or Castro? LMAO!

    Setting aside the condition of the office, THE ISSUE is an environment that offers absolutely no attempt at protecting ones privacey. No flipping dividers...NOTHING!

    It felt like being inside an abandoned Howard Johnson's Cafeteria in a end of times show like "REVOLUTION" after everyone was dead or gone!

    I take the time to point this out because HRB you need to treat your customers alot better and it is LAW to protect a customers information like his/her SSN. This is the mobile age, i could have easily walked up and down the desk line and taken pictures of every screen in there.

    Guess I'll go find a good accoutant again who has at least four walls and a door...i know it costs what! LOL! Its worth it after being "THIRD WORLD'ED(!)" by HRB.....

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    • For what its worth, dead ENOUGH issue. HRB screwed up and its being corrected.

      PRIVACY is the issue, but for some, it seems my verbal thrashing is the issue. Fa'get abowww.. dit!

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      • Block is forever remodeling its offices, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. A few years ago when I worked at Block, corporate had paid some interior designer a zillion dollars to come up with a "kiosk," that was essentially a huge round table with two partitions crisscrossing it, making room for four preparers and four clients in each slice. The clients sat elbow to elbow and certainly overheard what their neighbors on each elbow were saying. Fortunately the office I worked in most of the time was too narrow to accommodate this huge circle so we kept our separate desks with a partition between the one in front and the one in back.

        I suggested to district management several times that we institute a rule barring cell phones in the area beyond the receptionist's desk. I was concerned that cell phones have cameras, and anyone walking toward the back could easily take a snapshot of the tax computer screens as they went by. Heck, many banks and pharmacies have signs at the counter banning cell phones. If Block didn't want to do that, the least they could have done was invest in screen covers that allow only the person sitting directly in front of the screen to see it. They weren't interested in investing a dime to address my concern, I guess because they had already paid a designer zillions and didn't want to admit they didn't consider all the issues.

        I'm with you on this one. Where you were the tax pros should have asked clients to write down their SS#s, not speak them aloud. Some of the offices I worked in did have a private office, but that depended on the layout of the space; not all could fit that. With all the identity theft going on today, particularly tax return identity theft, one would expect a business that does tax returns to take the problem seriously. Anyone who owns this stock should expect no less. Is the company TRYING to push people toward online? Sixty percent don't seem to want to go that route (IRS stats).

    • boar, you might want to try one of us independents who can give you that private conversation at a much lower price point than brick-and-mortar CPAs and other similar tax shops. I don't happen to be in the Reno area (happen to be in the Denver area), but I moved to a business model a few years back where I go to the customer's home or place of business to do the interview. Much more private, easier to find those extra tax forms not in one's hands since the home file where its likely to be is close at hand. Since I don't have the overhead of the brick-and-mortar competitors, I'm able to charge much less and I'm still available for audits as an EA as well. So take a look around, you might find similar folks in your back yard to help you out in future tax years.

    • I can see no reason for anyone to have to recite there SS number. The client should have there SS card or Medicare card with a drivers license. Also the client would be expected to have last years return with them. You seem like such a bright young man perhaps you should file your own return.

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      • yes, agree, and you'd think since my return was done at HRB last year and all of that data was on their system and being asked NOT ONCE, but TWICE to say my SSN and then doing the same for my Wife would not be required.
        Perhaps HRB has thrown in the towel and decided to do BOILER-ROOM tax return centers where so much information is being verbally slung around at once that no one else will hear what is being said by others.
        Oh and "...bright young man...."? Look when the US Treasurer, numerous politicians, AND the IRS commisioner all made mistakes on their returns....I have to ask if you live in a world of denial because anything out of the "norm" regarding a tax return places one into the IRS puzzle palace for which their can be MORE than one correct answer depending upon exception etc.

        I wish every american could file their own taxes....but with 70k pages of tax is nearly impossible. Or maybe you think our code is fine?

        In any event, yes, I am far brighter than you and rather than use passive language to insult you, heres a rosey red F............U !

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