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  • stamo stamo Mar 3, 2001 12:18 AM Flag

    Walk Outs

    Does Block have a policy that addresses walk outs? I'm talking about clients who sit down, have you prepare their tax return, then for some reason can not or will not pay the fee. They get up and leave because they don't have the money to pay. They thought they were going to get a refund but when they find out that they owe, they get up and leave. Do we place them with a collection agency? If we don't why not? They took my time, for which I will not be compensated.

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    • Check the TOP Manual, Tax Office Procedures which is part of the TPS help feature.

      I am sure it does not say that we call them idiots.....

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      • Once again, from the employment agreement, under "Duties"... "in no event may there be any charge made or monies collected for tax advice". When someone walks out, all you've really given them is "advice".

        Figure this as part of the Associate's cost of doing business. It only becomes part of the Company's cost of doing business if you fail to cover your draw.

        Experienced preparers seem to learn through on-the-job training how to minimize time spent with people who will walk. Don't expect Skills for Success to cover this, learn it on your own.

    • You can attempt to charge them, but it is mostly a waste of time. Learn what to look for so that you don't waste time.

      I often do a quick and dirty on the w-2's to see if there is enough withholding to get a refund. Sometimes there is not. So I tell the client looks like you are not getting a refund and our fee is about $ XX, were you going to pay cash, check or credit card. About 1/2 the time they leave, but I have only spent five minutes with them.

      You will only have a few of these each year. Learn to minimize the time on them and get on with it.. no sense crying over spilt milk. Also, if you are polite when you do this they may come back later or the following year.

    • stamo, you are paid an hourly wage - correct?

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      • you are paid an hourly wage - correct?

        Wrong! We are paid a "draw against commission." The "pay" is subtracted from total commission at the end of the season. If the client does not pay, we do not get paid one cent for that time.

        When a client walks, I assemble the return as if it were a normal COD. Then the dunning letters are sent after the season. When they call, I explain how difficult it will be to buy a car with the unpaid bill on the record. I actually had a young man threaten legal action, then three days later come in and actually pay his bill.

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