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  • pilond2 pilond2 Jul 25, 2010 4:39 PM Flag

    TRUTH is SpongeTech did **$7.7 MILLION DOLLARS** in FY 2010***...


    ... during only 10 months and that was FY 2010! Imagine how was FY 2009!

    And that $7.7 million in FY 2010 was only "certain" sales (ask Alvarez & Marsal). And those were the 10 *** WORST *** months in the HISTORY of the company: with KAJA WHITEHOUSE publishing 21 (TWENTY ONE) DEFAMING articles (attacks), SEC reckless, abusive, and UNSUBSTANTIATED investigation, FBI abusive and UNSUBSTANTIATED arrests, ZERO advertising, ZERO banners, ZERO TV commercials, personnel cuts, Wayne CELIA disgruntled, Rosalind Nathaniel "wannabe big boss on her own", Tim Sykes attacks (MORE than 20 times... TWENTY times!), Teri Buhl attacks (ULTRA vicious), David Patch attacks (OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE), bashers attacks (around 30 THOUSANDS POSTS!), George "big goof" Speranza soap opera.

    Truth is when Kaja attacked, we were just STARTING having banners EVERYWHERE, TV commercials running everywhere, and we just had been named #1 in SportsBusiness JOURNAL!! SportsBusiness JOURNAL ***ACCOMPLISHMENT*** was our STRONGEST selling entry pitch to vendors.

    Truth is Kaja KILLED our momentum COMPLETELY with her *** 100% OPEN PUBLIC MEDIA ATTACKS ***

    Truth is we would have done MORE than $18 million more if she wouldn't have ATTACKED.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • David...Mosko told you the six other subs had not filed for Bktpcy, and perhaps their assets are included in the 10 to 50 million checked off by SPNG...7.7 million were accounted for in revenues for SPNG from June/July 2009 to April 2010 (mostly via Dicon)...however, SPNG released a press release in Aug. of 09 that sales last summer were skyrocketing and likely exceeded 70 million $...did you ever ask Mosko about this ? is he saying the "six subs" that somehow mysteriously did not file for bktpcy along with the parent and Dicon likely accounted for over 60 million in sales just during the busy summer season ? Do you understand the question I am asking ? If not, I will clarify...see if you can get Mosko to elaborate on this...

    • Seriously, it doesn't matter anymore. You are looking at the corpse of a stock. The fat lady has been heard, taps have been played and you are still in denial. Get help. It doesn't matter whether there was a conspiracy or not against this stock. Its dead so why bother. You can't revive this thing. IT IS OVER!!! Get it???

    • Pilond... why did M&M get arrested?
      Did that have anything to do with it?

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