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  • stoxmagic stoxmagic Apr 21, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    The plain and simple reality.

    The following of the bouncing ball being none too difficult.

    No call for the filing of a Form 8-K. Wholly unnecessary.

    As for the rest of it...

    Management having been in the process of streamlining every facet of parent company operations from the point at which operational focus morphed to product development.

    There being nothing new in any of it.

    It being all about efficiencies.

    The getting of the job done!

    One set goal after another being achieved.

    The bringing of value.

    Our resident collective peanut gallery having, itself, morphed. Into nothing (ahem) short of laughingstock at this juncture. Every mindless effort at undermining The Smarter Sponge Company shot down in flames. Managerial smarts coming to the fore on every occasion. Hobnail boots laughably applied.

    "Gotta love it!"


    Recent average trading levels in the $0.0001 area. Many of the clear-thinking among us having already smilingly loaded up.

    And current average trading levels? Soon we will see the beautiful reality. Clearer heads prevailing.

    More important for said peanut gallery to rail on and on mindlessly than to be sitting on a healthy paper profit.

    Saying all same has to/needs to.

    Laughingstock in the absolute.

    And the clear-thinking indeed. The continuing buy-side strength…

    Readying for the massive upside to come.



    SPNG millionaire$.

    The plain and simple reality

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