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  • mariofalco743 mariofalco743 Jun 20, 2014 6:44 PM Flag

    Weeks away from fireworks !!!!

    Longs to have great 4th of July party in Vegas !! 35 a share that's what I hear so book now!!

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    • Any day now Mario! LMAO

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    • Bashers won't like this. LOOL

      Sentiment: Hold

    • In June of 2009 market level hit its interim High of $0.2851. And at the time the buy-side strength was still very much in place. Unrelenting. The preexisting phantom float precluding absolutely nothing.

      The whole of it speaking volumes.

      And the rest of the story we know.

      And in June of 2009 we're talking about a parent company fundamental and operational picture that pales in comparison to the current reality. Expanded product line inclusive. Greatly expanded retail placement inclusive. So on. Dicon and all. Share structure circumstance factored in.

      And now? .0001

      Rocket science it ain't!

      Rest assured that management won't be maneuvering in any way/ways other than to maximize the market level impact of all that's about to transpire. The opening in full of the info./detail floodgates. So on.

      Resting equally assured that Pike & Associates see the reality.

      Market level soaring!

      And complete with the MOASS evincing itself?

      And remaining to be seen. The degree to which the big guns target the abuse issue as talked about.

      Management having done a fine job of setting the stage to date. More to come as we know. Having not fought as long and hard as has been the case to see any outcome other than across-the-board success. Market level being a huge part of same as again earlier talked about. Long-term consideration.

      The whole of it graven in stone in the absolute.

      The input of worthwhile analysts. Institutional level involvement. The big money. A period of time over which parent company fundamental and operational advancement has been stellar! Truly exceptional. The coming numbers spelling out the reality.

      The Smarter Sponge Company well on its way toward becoming a household name.

      Branding success.

      Where the value does lie.

      Buyout consideration and all.

      Job well done!

      The days of the faithful longs.

      SPNG millionaire$.

      A matter of watching and learning for some.

      The rest laughing all the way to the proverbial bank

      The plain and simple reality

    • Who's coming ?

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