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  • chalrockcon chalrockcon Jul 31, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    WE and Moskowitz family SAVED the now THRIVING BTR Radio! lmao

    We OWN IT in MAJORITY now (70%).

    Do you the the COLOR COPIES of OUR BTR share certificates bueddeh?

    Jeff Weber 100% CONFIRMS it on page 2 of 23:

    "...4. As of 2008, disputes has arisen between Barker and BTR, and Barker was suing to collect on the loan. At BTR, Mr. Metter and others were actively pursuing options to refinance the loan from Barker

    5. In or about fall of 2008, I understood that Steven Moskowitz offered to provide a loan from himself or his family to refinance the Barker loan. As a result of that loan, BTR was able to enter into a settlement agreement with Barker Capital and continue its operations..."

    Source: Page 2 of 23: scribd.ceom/doc/51768174/3-28-11-SEC-v-Sponge-Tech-Doc-119-2-Affidavit-of-Jeff-Weber


    The Moskowitz family SAVED BusinessTalk Radio from CLOSING its doors. SAVED people their JOBS!

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    • Bashey boos (mario) are crawling all over the MB farting loosely and dreaming of bubba, lmao

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      • I believe we will get the grand slam victory tomorrow !! Now that Mr. Booth has exposed every single and NSS , the massive negotiations for buyout will begin !! 35$ is still agreed upon price not one penny less.. Sponge multimillionaires in the makings. Major justification for all long shareholders just around the corner, Jail time and bankruptcy on the way to all and NSS,$$ 35 Shorty get it up now !! You can run but you cannot hide Bubba is coming !!

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    • All shareholders of sponge will have to wait until after August 4 decision on whether company will be revoked or company will be awarded to the shareholders as well as shell and all assets pertaining to sponge tech !! We will own all the radio stations in the world as well as all assets included if we are awarded the decision..!!! So why don't we wait until then before we start posting all of these assets we supposedly own .. The outcome will decide whether we are all going to be extremely rich or we are all going to take major write offs from this scam..!! Good luck to all long shareholders ...

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