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  • borisbear64 borisbear64 Oct 28, 2010 8:16 AM Flag

    PacBio are being sued.

    don't forget you happy PACB investors that your company is being sued for patent infringement by Heliocs Biosciences (the inventors of true single molecule sequencing).. if upheld , this undermines the whole PacBio model...think carefully of the risk you are exposed to.

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    • If you compare the methods to sequence single molecule dna by PACB and HLCS, I believe the law suit is simply a crap shot.

      HLCS can only sequence very short sequence, and it takes days! The nucleotides are different, the florescence labeling is different, the detection method is total different. It is no surprising that PACB's founders/inventors and CEO/managers are laughing at HLCS, the loser.

      The cool reality is: HLCS is dying.

      If you have followed all those sequencing technology firms that were IPOed during 2000 boom, only one or two survived as a pure sequencing company. Many have been dead such as Lynux, HySeq. Some are shifting to diagnostic companies, such as Rosetta.

      The strong grow stronger. ILMN is a clear winner. Other are struggling, for example, AFFX, ORCH, ...

      After 10 years, we see IPOs of third generation sequencing power horses. HLCS is a loser, and it will be dead sooner than later. PACB is a clear winner, I believe, and it will compete with ILMN and LIFE. Complete Genome (IPO soon) has a different business model because its procedure is too complicated for a lab to take care by itself. I don't think complete genome will be a serious threat to ILMN, LIFE, or newer star PACB.

    • Helicos did not invent single molecule sequencing, and they flopped commcercially.

    • Helicos, who?.... Oh, you mean that little penny stock company that came with big hype by CEO, and delivered nothing? Their instrument is expensive, and if their technology is sound someone would buy them out for peanuts long time ago.....

      HLCS made a splash, and then went into tailspin, from 14$ to 40 cents. Market verdict is clear. Now they are trying to sue everyone else, and make some money. ILMN, and LIFE deep pocket lawyers will eat them alive. IP lawsuits are very common in genetic arena. Illumina was sued number of times ( I believe the last one was Affy ), and now they are market leader.

      You are in wrong sequencing company. Better sell your HLCS losing position, and join here. You are looking at next market leader with third generation of sequencing. Good luck

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      • Well, I was an early investor in ILMN. Made some righteous bucks there. Flately said Affy's lawsuit was without merit and was afraid to compete ... ILMN then paid Affy $90M a year or so later.

        HLCS had horrible execution and even a non-economical system design but that doesn't mean that they don't own some important IP. Their system does not require PCR (amplification of sample DNA) for one thing.

        Time will tell. I wouldn't be surprised if ILMN or LIFE buys up HLCS for $100-150M just to box out the other competitors IP wise because if either loses the lawsuit they would end up paying more anyway.

      • Put in some limit orders for PacBio this morning. I believe that the investment will be a nice compliment to my ILMN shares.

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      You see these lawsuits when new technology comes along. This one looks particularly suspect because other companies have joined in! Do they all have the samea patent claim? Against each other then? Are they hoping to get paid to go away?

      If there was merit pacbio couldn't have gone public.....we'll see

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