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    • The Motley Fool's track record of investing in tech companies is rather dismal. As such I would take almost everything they have to say with a rock of salt. To add insult to injury over time they have lost their best analysts, which is one of the reasons I canceled my subscriptions some time ago. No, I don't consider AMZN or AOL tech companies, they are better classified service providers.

      Back to the topic of sequencing... I think that if most of what ONT announced is actually true it will cause significant discomfort in the marketplace, particularly for niche players such as PACB. Long reads are no longer something only they can deliver, but they may still have the methylation niche to themselves, I can't see how ONT can do that given the 3-base averaging they are using. Clive Brown has the reputation of "the most honest man in sequencing" so I don't think he would stand up there and spew BS:

      If that is indeed the case it is telling that he did not speak of full genome sequencing. Then again Colin Powell has the reputation of "the most honest man in politics" and he still stood up in front of the UN and presented a bunch of bull...

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