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  • JCRtrade JCRtrade Jun 11, 2012 8:40 AM Flag

    Is this correct

    Yahoo finance show market cap of $108 million yet they have $161 million in cash and only $2.8 million in debt. So this is an easy buy out candidate and you get $43 million in revenues as well.
    Just thinking is it a possibility
    Any thoughts

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    • Consistantly, 4 quartes of bleeding $25 Milllion per quarter while increase expenses. Necessary at some point to productize. Buying a company for cash with employees and a high bleed rate only works if there is at least some IP to be had. The market doesn't think so, but it looks like a few large holders dumped which could be temporarily depressing the stock price. Good luck, don't fall for the book value scenerio when investing, but cash that exceeds burn rate by esveral quarters can be a plus if a turnaround or buyout is possible

    • On the downside, they are writing checks daily, so the cash could disappear quicker than you could buy the stock.

      On the upside, They've already invested over $250,000,000 on their technology, so they may be worth a lot more than their cash. however, as of now, the market doesn't think so.

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