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  • rwikle Oct 31, 2012 8:53 AM Flag

    sales projection by the end of 2013

    where did you dream up these numbers? ILMN is eating PACB's lunch. Those that have bought regret the decision. Mean time to repair is abysmal and service contracts are through the roof!

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    • you idiot don't know any science behind these sequencing technologies, ILMN will eventually be replaced by PACB, trust me. just follow the number of scientific paper published by using pacbio, it will grow exponentially. SMRT sequencing will reach 10kb average reads soon, that's a great advantage for de novo assemble, SMRT will be used in new born screen. SMRT can also do lots of base modification analysis, which will be the next big thing in genomic research. ILMN reads stop at an average of 150 bp, and that's it.

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      • rwikle Nov 3, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

        Idiot, huh? Not happening in de novo bud, hate to inform you....RNASeq is where it's at right now. You can have all of the read length you want, but when the instrument's down and there are not enough service engineers to fix it on a timely basis, there's a problem. So since you know so much about PACB sequencing, what is the average cost of an annual service contract? Mean time to repair? And by the way, I am in sequencing cores on a daily basis, so I actually do know something about apps and instrumentation, trust me.

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