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  • activewatcher activewatcher Jan 23, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    This stock reminds me the story of HLCS

    If PACB tech is so good, why no buyer of its sequencer? burning $20M a quarter, it will only have $80 cash left at end of this quarter, scary.
    It has a higher error rate, dude. In 3Q12 call, CEO blamed the software for the errors, and said it released 2nd version. Would you believe it? Software only helps assembly, but if the signals are dirty, could software help? I think it could help little, if any.
    By the way, UCSD project has been a while, and it has been using ILMN's sequencers, not PACB's. Many traders have bought for the PR.
    I would rather believe that PACB will be another HLCS.

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    • Based on my count PACB has at least 30+ sequence on market and actual list might be longer. Error rate is higher then Illumina but long reads are always good. You can't assembly a genome with just 100 or 250 base pair reads due to repeats and genome complexity. There are many publications on using pacbio data for closing genomes, and more and more centers are using Pacbio to close genome.

      PacBio error rates are random (it's good because you can fix random errors based read overlap consensus) and that is due to lack of intensity discrimination during base incorporation. Pacbio already resolved lots of issues using newer algorithms ( like HGAP) and things will get better...

    • I lost around $20k in HLCS.
      I don't mind to load a few k of PACB around 1.x, just hoping to break even in the game.

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