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  • nimuma nimuma Jun 3, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    readlength vs accuracy

    the difference in genome sequence between human and ape is less than 4%. Pacb sequencing has error rate of 15% (you can even google it). They don't advertise it often of course, and that is different from the 99.99% consensus error rate from their website. The consensus is an over sampled error rate that makes up for the low fidelity, but at the cost of readlength. Now majority of the genome disease is caused by a few DNA bases. That explains the huge market by short and highly accurate sequencing technique. Pacbio does have its place by mending the short reads generated by illumina, and it has gained market in micro-organism sequencing. But that is why it is called niche market.

    It is fun to once in while trade this stock which is driven by buy-out speculation, and 100K shares can pop it up 5%. But to invest retirement money in it has high risk.

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    • Jun 3, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

      Of course the error rate is higher in PacBio than Torrent or Illumina! PacBio gets (average) reads over 5,000 bases and higher! PacBio gets the highest read lengths on planet earth! The other short read instruments only get a few hundred bases. The newly released Ion Torrent kits improves reads to a mere 400 bases. 400 bp vs. 5,000+, wow. Additionally, anyone who uses Torrent routinely will tell you the truth is more like 280-300 bp with this new and improved kit. A couple of other errors in you post--the consensus, or depth of coverage corrects for error rate...well yes, this is true...the superior depth of coverage improves accuracy, why is this bad? Again, PacBio gets superior read length and depth of coverage. Go into the patent portfolio of PacBio....there were you'll see the proof in the pudding....their patents alone are worth $10-12 per share. Finally," the majority of disease is caused by a few DNA bases", where'd you get that one? What about pathogens, particularly viruses? How about influenza, SARS, and RNA-based viruses that mutate monthly, daily. How about metagenomic analysis of unknown pathogens...PACBIO very suited for that niche. Finally, you never mentioned methylation and modified DNA...PAcBio characterizes these transcription patterns....Illumina and Torrent do not. You are also wrong about a buyout, even the workforce knows its coming...within 3 years. PacBio is small and has teeth. At present it's worth a hell of a lot more than 2.60 per share!!!

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