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  • bluecheaps4mee bluecheaps4mee Oct 11, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    For Those Concerned About The Upcoming Earnings

    You are focussing on the wrong thing, how many times have we seen spectacular earnings released by a company........and the stock takes a dive. Or......A company releases terrible earnings and the stock takes off ?

    Why ?

    Because the day the earnings are released those are now history, the main attraction is.......what is said in the Conference Call (C.C.) about going forward. What's ahead is what is important to the stock price......not what's in the rear view mirror.

    Does anybody here in light of recent events think that the C.C. is going to be negative ?

    No way !

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    • Your statement about the CC is correct. But there is nothing for certain for this company. There could be positive forecasting, then stock resumes rising. but if there is a banal CC, just like most of them were in the past, the share would drift slowly, like it did before. The positive trend of earning (or less negative) is by cutting R&D cost and diluting shares. There was nothing substantial in contributing to earnings. Do they have a new product, no. do they plan to release new instrument, no, only a long term plan by the Roche deal. This is already price in. So to me the risk/reward is high. and I am happy to miss the boat if there is positive surprise.

    • I think PACB's earning trend will be positive, and forecast for Q4 and 2014 will make this stock run up.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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