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  • april12004 april12004 Oct 19, 2012 9:30 PM Flag

    Come Fly with Me!

    Everyone has their prejudices but when it gets right down to it the price of the ticket is what counts. If it's a quick trip I won't need much and if it's a planned trip I'll UPS my clothes. I'm cheap and so is this stock.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Just buy quickly

    • Your right in what your saying, the tickets are cheap after Nov 1st pricing changes posted on their website you will do better with UPS. I just got off the flight and they were right on time. We had a detroit crew and they tried there best but they do not match the employee owned airline like Southwest. I will fly Southwest again because Spiritmight have an extra row of seats in the 737s which means that you should be less then 5` 9` to fly comfortably. Also Spirit is a part of the great American do it all on line process that people under 30 think is wonderful but whichreally means less jobs less costs but the extra savings eventually just goes to upper management in indirect unreportable wages ( extra retirement pay) that does not show up on Yahoos director and CEO pay.

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