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  • forestgunk forestgunk Nov 19, 2003 4:03 AM Flag

    Just a local yokel

    Now Folks, I'm just a local yokel who doesn't know much about the stock market and all. But people say I know a lot about people and common sense. You see people is all worried about the stock market being down, the job market nonexistant, energy gone through the roof, and crooks ripping of widows, orphans, stockholders, pensioners, and employees.

    Now it don't take an Einstein to see that unless we start to send some of these crooks to jail; come up with an energy independence program; put people first instead of profits; stop sending our jobs overseas; seal the borders; then we aren't going to be around very long as a democracy.

    You see once you loose you energy sources, you soon loose your economic forces, and finally just to eat or keep warm you'll give up you personal freedoms.

    Now I know it all sounds like a great big conspiracy on the part of big business and big energy... and guess what, it is!!! You see fat cats look at us as a nation of sheep, and we a slowly but surely being lead to the slaughter.

    Meanwhile, Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers, Dennis Kozlowski, et al. are hoping Georgie Boy keeps us all focus on the "boggieman" and the War in Iraq, while they get off with a slap on the hand.

    Like I said I'm just a local yokel, but them there seems to be a lot of us coming to the surface lately.

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