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  • nyse_3card_monte nyse_3card_monte Nov 23, 2004 2:09 PM Flag

    Trickle-down's a comin'!

    Them ol' rich people, they's like a sponge, and once they get good and soaked with dividend tax cuts, and estate tax cuts, and capital gains tax cuts, and top-rate tax cuts, why, that sponge'll be full, cain't hold no more, and that's when the trickle-down'll start! Why, it'll jes' be rainin' jobs! There'll be jobs for pool-cleaners, and chauffeurs, and maids, and butlers, and groundskeepers, and jes' all KIND of jobs! And you won't need to save no money to send your kids to collitch, either, because all those highfalutin' kinda jobs are goin' to India, and good riddance to 'em I say! Yessiree, a MIGHTY bright future's jes' around the corner for the good ole U S of A!

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