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  • healthy_johnsons healthy_johnsons Sep 10, 2002 9:19 PM Flag

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    DNA doesn't need millions of years to change. It can and does change daily. The point is that whether it's changing on a daily basis or over millions of years is that it doesn't allow for one species to give birth to species radically different from itself as is required by evolution.

    If you've been any observer of nature, you'd know that rarely is a DNA mutation beneficial to the organism and that organisms having drastic differences from the parent cannot reproduce. There are limitations built into the system of change.

    Stephen Gould, a diehard evolutionist from Harvard who recently died, could never explain his own admission that the fossil record does NOT support the evolutionary notion of gradual change over the ages.

    Quit striving to think of it as religion vs. science, and just think critically for a change. It's almost as though you're most interested in evolution as to prove some point against religion.

    I plenty happy to just sticking with science, and would be happy to see you do the same for a change.

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