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  • your_sister_ho_the_fat_one your_sister_ho_the_fat_one Jun 11, 2005 10:39 AM Flag

    Sickening Jewish Propaganda [2].....

    Members of coalition forces and contractors of various nationalities who are injured or who fall ill are given the same level of care as U.S. soldiers. They are evacuated to Landstuhl if necessary. Iraqi nationals, however, are only treated in Iraq.

    This is the true racism that agitpapa, and the rest of his jewish mates, exist to promote. The jews get to label who is worth saving, and who should be considered 'untermenschen'. The promotion of the most wicked of all human ideologies is carried out as a deliberate act of jewish policy.

    Think about this. Every human that goes to work or butcher in Iraq is taught this racist doctrine. Every time they witness the Iraq people treated this way, or are reminded that jews have ensured that any crime commited against the Iraq people is covered by immunity, they are conditioned and indoctrinated.


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    • Shortly after being inaugurated in 1961, President Kennedy proceeded with the plan, started by President Eisenhower, to invade Cuba at the "Bay of Pigs". In so doing, JFK, nominally a Catholic, violated Catholic Church canon law and doctrine, by proceeding to make war against another Catholic country, namely Cuba, and its leader, Fidel Castro, a Jesuit. The invasion plan became a fiasco when JFK refused to have U.S. war planes aid the invaders on the beach.

      Joseph P. Kennedy had a financial interest in toppling Fidel. Through a bank he owned in Boston, the elder Kennedy owned North Cuba Railroad Bonds, made worthless by Fidel but having value if he was removed.

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