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  • deepscrotum deepscrotum May 23, 2012 7:06 PM Flag


    wow, a wortheless cut and paste job with no authority cited and made up nonsense. I give that a "F" for fuhk-up weener boy! LMAO

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    • All I posts are facts that are truth.

      If you cannot research these facts or refuse to, then you will continue to spew bullsheet.

      Really makes you look like an idiot.

      • 2 Replies to eyeprosper
      • Ivan makes an idiot look smart,

        if Obama blocks it now the baggers have a point, otherwise it looks like Obama has taken an issue and solved it like an adult again,

        By Miguel Llanos,
        The company behind the controversial pipeline that's become an environmental lightning rod -- not to mention a presidential campaign issue -- has unveiled its preferred alternative for a stretch that got bogged down in Nebraska and triggered an Obama administration review.

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        Unveiled on Thursday, the map of TransCanada's preferred alternative steers the new Keystone pipeline route well east of the sensitive Nebraska Sandhills region. Both Democrats and Republicans in the state had raised concerns about potential impacts by the pipeline to farms as well as water supplies in that area.
        The U.S. State Department, which has federal jurisdiction because the pipeline comes from abroad, i.e. Canada, has held off approving the project because of those concerns.
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        Nebraska said it plans to hold public hearings and receive comments on the new proposal, which is now likely to get strong support in the state.

      • I repeat Dummy: WHAT IS YOUR AUTHORITY FOR THIS ARTICLE? WHO WROTE IT, WHAT ARE THEIR CRENDENTIALS TO MAKE SUCH STATEMENTS, ETC. ETC. ETC. Who in their right mind will just accept some fool's internet cut and paste job??? ONLY A LIB WOULD! LMAO. A careful reading of what you posted shows it IS ALL MANUAFACTURED PINKO propaganda! LMAOAY!

    • Here you go Scrotum.
      More facts. Bet this must rattle your brain.
      I also included sources since you asked.

      •The U.S. Pipeline Safety Administration has not yet conducted an in depth analysis of the safety of diluted bitumen (raw tar sands) pipeline, despite unique safety concerns posed by its more corrosive properties.
      •TransCanada predicted that the Keystone I pipeline would see one spill in 7 years. In fact, there have been 12 spills in 1 year. The company was ordered to dig up 10 sections of pipe after government-ordered tests indicated that defective steel may have been used. KeystoneXL will use steel from the same Indian manufacturer.
      •Keystone XL will cross through America’s agricultural heartland, the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers, the Ogallala aquifer, sage grouse habitat, walleye fisheries and more.
      •The agency was not adequately accounting for threats to wildlife, increased pollution in distressed communities where the crude may be refined, or increases in carbon emissions that would exacerbate climate change, and a variety of other issues.
      More Information
      •“Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risks”, National Wildlife Federation, NRDC, Others.
      •“On Shore Oil Disasters”, National Wildlife Federation
      •“Analysis of Frequency, Magnitude and Consequence of Worst-Case Spills From the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline” John Stansbury, Ph.D., P.E.
      •“Pipeline “Safety Conditions” are Smoke and Mirrors”, NRDC

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