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  • virtualgh0st virtualgh0st Jun 12, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

    Chambers is good! Hate to say that because


    I feel he plays politics with the company. This company will not only be around for a long time, but it will be successful too.

    Just bought few more shares while listening to him!

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    • Chambers behavior is a mystery to me. Why the CEO would continually destroy shareholder value with his negative comments is incomprehensible. Especially while CSCO continues to perform and improve financially. We’re talking billions in shareholder value.

      I wonder since he has done such a poor job these last years and been criticized for “losing his way” that he intentionally paints a really negative short term economic picture so he can “save the day” by leading CSCO thru these perilous times successfully and feed his own ego and legacy at CSCO. He has stated he’s there 3 more years and maybe wants to leave as a hero. He has millions and money means little to him but his reputation will live on. So the more negative he can paint the economic situation and then “snatch victory from the jaws of defeat” will be his last hurrah. Truth is lately they always beat!

      My vote is to get rid of him and his ego and get someone that is interested in increasing shareholder value! I doubt that will happen short term. Irrespective, the PPS should gradually go up from here. As the numbers will speak for themselves in spite of Chambers!

    • I understand his logic. He is probably trying to avoid one of two scenarios:

      1) The macro economic climate is uncertain and in trouble, with the EU debt crisis and US tax and slowing growth. So he's worried, understandably, that issues there will have an effect on Cisco and he's trying to prepare the analysts for that situation.

      2) He doesn't want to talk up the future of the company and then get hit with issues related to an economic slowdown - and then get hit with the 2000's style sharehodler lawsuits.

      But he's clearly shooting himself - and us - in the foot. As you say, every time he opens his mouth the PPS plumets. I'm surprised that the BOD hasn't told him to shut up - because he clearly hasn't figured that out himself.

    • I didn't catch the speech - was it any good? What did he talk about?

      The stock hasn't reactged, so he didn't say anything too impressive.


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