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  • juniorclassmate juniorclassmate Jan 16, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Nothing of What OLIAR JUST Proposed On TV Will Change Anything


    as far as mass shootings go, as NONE of the past shooters would've been stopped by background checks or using magazines of 10 rounds or less. Lib mental #$%$ like the bluestate killers in CT, CO, OR, etc. cannot be stopped that way Obama you #$%$! How STUPID and what a WASTE of time and exploiting of little kids!

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    • This is just the typical Democrat "feel good" shjytt. Do something to make you feel better even tho it makes no difference whatsoever. It's part of the left's "do something" disease. So many idiotic laws on the books to date because of this disease. It's so pathetic and stoooopid.

    • A guy on tv this morning changed out three ten round magazines in less than 10 seconds. Since it takes cops several minutes to get to a shooting a nut kill can just as many people with 10 round magazines as with a 30 round. These feel good proposals wont change anything. Tighten up mental health laws.And dont let anybody using a gun plead their case down. If they commit a gun crime give them the max. Wont stop the nuts but it'll slow down the crooks.

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