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  • jaysallstarss jaysallstarss Jan 18, 2013 4:37 PM Flag


    for multiple counts of corruption. He also killed multiple fellow kneegurows by letting them drown when he let the school busses sit when they couldve be used to pick people up before Katrina came ashore. But hey, he's just another filthy corrupt dem spearchucking opportunist aint he?

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    • LOL, Naygan was the great hero of New Orleans back then, way too funny. Just another dem turd who uses and abuses the innocent

    • janet_napalitano_is_ugly janet_napalitano_is_ugly Jan 19, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

      The democrat families whose loved ones drowned and died because Ray Nagin refused to evacuate them re-elected him even though his negligence resulted in numerous deaths.

      It says alot about how dumbed down this country has become under democrat teacher's union control and brainwashing in the public school system of this country.

      The bible is right. We are in the end times. Now most of the people in this country believe evil is good and good is evil and it is being played out in the news everyday. Anyone who still has any shred of decency in them should repent and hope that they make it into heaven instead of joining the majority in God's lake of fire for eternity.

    • global_warming_hunchback global_warming_hunchback Jan 19, 2013 12:38 AM Flag

      America has become degenerate. Most people think Nagin should be rewarded for his corrpution and criminal activity. Democrat Politicians (like Jon Corzine) can embezzle billions from senior retirement mutual funds and not even get charged with a crime because he donated millions to Obama and the democrat party.

      Nobody cares how corrupt the goverment has become.

      I think this generation is the last American generation that can say that their lives were better than their parents. The kids of the next generation will have a very hard life and will be poorer than their parents and will be oppressed by this socialist democrat run goverment.


    • Very relevant analysis! Most Ticky tick tick and yummie!

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