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  • ivanhoeoflioxly ivanhoeoflioxly Jan 31, 2013 10:30 PM Flag

    Bogus Jobs Council canceled by the M;uslim Monkey! Jobs declined over the past 4 years


    And some fkucing anti-American as wholes out there voted for ANOTHER 4 years of decline.

    They're too stupid to know that had they voted for the American BUSINESS MAN Romney and not the brain dead coke snorting stupid piece of parasitical shjt Kenyan Barack there would have been jobs created to keep some of the freebie programs solvent for the parasites to feed off of, but since they decided to cut their collective noses off to spite their fascist faces and vote for the Marxist their programs are going to collapse because no one's going to be able to provide their cozy loser drug induced food stamp life styles with fewer and fewer people working.

    Greece will look like a walk through the park compared to the chaos that's coming thanks to the EVIL destructive piece of M;uslim shjt monkey Barrack Hussein.

    The stupid piece of shjt is so brain dead it's beyond belief and that dope smoking psychopath is in the white house murdering and spending America into the abyss.

    Way to go you anti-American Marxist pagan pieces of liberal shjt. RIH

    This topic is deleted.
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