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  • karnut2000 karnut2000 Mar 21, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

    donkeydouchebags or ivanhoeoflioxly

    ivanhoeoflioxly whether it is your twisted thinking or whomever donkeydouchebags is aguing the same point as yours, a fetus isn't a baby. I am not agreeing with the medical professionals (if they even should be called that) who do to full term or near-full term life as you've described. Do you understand? Maybe not. I am able to uphold a woman's right to abort a fetus. No one else has to agree but many do...AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the law allows for my point of view being legal. Do all you can to get the law changed but that appears utterly misplaced to be a conversation appropriate at this stock message board...then again, you and donkeydouchebags don't fall in the appropriate category.

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    • karnuts, apart from what the Bible says (and many other religious books), even the "free dictionary" defines a fetus like this: "the embryo of a mammal in the later stages of development, when it shows all the main recognizable features of the mature animal, esp a human embryo from the end of the second month of pregnancy until birth Compare". Notice the words "Human" and the phrase "it shows all the main recognizable features of the mature animal,". IT'S A HUMAN! HUMAN! HUMAN! Got it!??? Another part of your elementary, flawed logic implies: "If it is legal it must good, moral, or acceptable"! So since you are probably an anti-death penalty LIB, does that mean it's good, moral, acceptable for the gubment to put others to death then BECAUSE IT's LEGAL! LOL! How about smoking! It's LEGAL! ETC. ETC.! Just because "it's legal" doesn't make it right! What Hitler did to the Jews was "Legal" in #$%$ Germany too! Abortiion IS animalistic, depraved, EVIL behavior! How many young girls never got the chance to become WOMEN and have a CHOICE because of it! Grow a brain!!! You sound like someone who feels guilty because you helped fund an abortion or encouraged some poor girl to get one. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

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