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  • dumb.ivan dumb.ivan May 12, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Leave Hillary Alone! William Kristol Says Republicans Should Stop Running ‘Ridiculous’ Ads On Benghazi

    Ultra conservative Willliam Kristol understands the GOP is making themselves look ridiculous and likely picking up votes for Hillary.

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    • You sir,are correct. The only factions trying to desperately discredit the x-secretary, are the GOP, and their media lackey's. The GOP is so fearful of Hillary's candidacy in 2016', that they will beat the Benghazi incident for all they think it's worth. Problem is it's not worth The exaggerated misconceptions that are easily proven baseless by officials of the Obama administration. The end result, Hillary emerges stronger then ever,as a vindicated victim,falsely accused by the typical GOP prim objective policy of discrediting any and all members of the Obama administration. Ergo the GOP, losses more credibility with the public, and defeats it selves again. Wise up GOP, if all you got are your erroneous scenarios and misconceptions, of the Benghazi incident , to prepare for the 2016' campaign, like your previous presidential candidates; you ain't got nothing.

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