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  • juniorsclassmate1 juniorsclassmate1 Jun 10, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    bush's failures in protecting America have led us to where we are today


    you can try to pretend otherwise but -

    Now monitoring phone calls, watching emails, big brother watching is todays norm. We warned you in 2000, selecting gwbush would be a huge mistake, we just didn't realize how big it would end up being.

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    • June 10, 2013
      N.S.A. Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy on Conscience
      Posted by Andy Borowitz
      WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The National Security Agency moved swiftly and forcefully today to remind its employees of its longstanding zero-tolerance policy on conscience, warning that any violation of that policy would result in immediate termination.

      “When you sign on to work at the N.S.A. you swear to uphold the standards of amorality and soullessness that this agency was founded upon,” said N.S.A. director General Keith B. Alexander. “Any evidence of ethics, decency, or a sense of right and wrong will not be tolerated. These things have no place in the intelligence community.”

      To enforce the policy, General Alexander said that once a month all N.S.A. employees will be wired to a computer to take full inventory of what is going on in their minds: “We want to be sure they are spending their free time playing Call of Duty, not reading the Federalist Papers.”

      The N.S.A. director attempted to reassure the American people that despite “unfortunate recent events,” the agency remains “one of the most heartless and cold-blooded organizations on the face of the earth.” He added, “We refuse to let one good apple spoil the whole bunch.”

      He said that going forward, the N.S.A. would try to recruit people who had already demonstrated “a commitment to invading people’s privacy” by working at Google or Facebook.

    • Obama is the president now.Why didn't he stop or reduce the intrusions on our privacy?? He has increased it.You look like a fool with your blame Bush excuse.

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