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  • coinrnaker77 coinrnaker77 Aug 6, 2013 2:43 PM Flag



    Nice way to reach out to more voting demographics, eh repukes?

    While RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is demanding that CNN and NBC cancel their upcoming Hillary Clinton biopics, other Republicans are venting their frustration in more vivid and misogynistic ways.

    The Hillary Project, a super PAC that calls itself the “only thing standing between” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) and the White House, has posted a video game in which players are encouraged to slap Clinton across her face. The sole officer identified on the PAC’s public filings, Christopher M. Marston, is a Republican operative with ties to several prominent GOP officeholders.

    The game is called Slap Hillary.

    Slap Hillary. Get it? She’s a woman. We don’t like her. She should know her place, amirite? Let’s slap her! Ha! Isn’t this fun?
    Republican "outreach" to women wonder there are so few women in their ranks

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    • The former Republican Party is already in panic mode. They should be worrying about 2024 after President Hillary Rodham Clinton completes her second term. I hope Elizabeth Warren gets the nomination then.

    • BFD, she can just scream,"what difference does it make", and all is forgiven....It's not like she's being asked to spend time in Benghazi, or explain the deaths and non response to the terrorist attack... Hillary should stick to counseling Huma.......What a waste of skin......

    • Yeah, well we all know that the left never attacks women politicians. In fact they're equally opportunity attackers. Not only did they eviscerate Bachman's husband, claiming he was a "flaming homosexual", they also attacked Palin's son Trig claiming she was covering up for a pregnancy from her #$%$" daughter. This is pretty much business as usual for the left. Some additional gems...

      Keith Olbermann on conservative columnist S.E. Cupp: Said her parents should have had an abortion.
      Keith Olbermann on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Said the best way to get her to drop her 2008 candidacy was to literally beat her.
      Keith Olbermann on conservative columnist Michelle Malkin: Called her a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick”.
      Bill Maher on 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin: Called her a “dumb #$%$” and #$%$.
      Matt Taibbi on feminist writer Erica Jong: Called her an “800-year-old sex novelist”.
      Chris Matthews on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Called her “she-devil”, “witchy”, “uppity”, and “Nurse Ratched”.
      Matt Taibbi on Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: “Batshit crazy”
      Chris Matthews on Congresswoman Bachmann: “Balloon head“.
      Bill Maher on Palin and Bachmann: “Boobs”, “two bimbos“.

      So, you know what they say about glass houses. The left continuously creates an environment for hatred, divisiveness, and tension and when responded in kind points fingers..... Unbelievable.

      I'll add that the comments made by left wing nuts rarely get's publicized but when a Limbaugh or a Hannity says something like the above - oh... my... gosh!!! The boycotts begin and the airwaves burn up. OTOH, after what Maher said (above) about Palin, Obama accepted a $1M donation. Go figure. Oh, but there's no bias in the press....that according to the liberals. No.... not at all...

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