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  • skidernipp skidernipp Oct 25, 2013 7:48 PM Flag


    14 YEAR OLD BLACK THUG MURDERS HIS MATH TEACHER IN MASSACHUSETTS. This thug looks like Obama. He seemed pleased with himself and showed no remorse.

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    • This 14 year old black sociopath dismembered the teachers body leaving a gruesome scene. He should be locked up and the key thrown away. Would not be suprized if he is a serial killer.

    • Al...Jessie...where are you ......pos racist bastids

    • Just like how the illegal alien murderous Muslim monkey in the white house shows no remorse after murdering 40 thousand innocent women and children in HIS very own illegal war in Libya in order to install Al Qaadae into power which has been a huge success because that's who rules Libya now and like how he shows no remorse after murdering 4 Americans in Benghazi while he watched the die for 8 hours and how he shows no remorse after murdering 2 American border agents in Arizona and sealed the records to keep himself from going to the electric chair and like how he shows no remorse after murdering 500 Mexican civilians with his Fast and Furious guns and like how not only didn't show remorse for 13 murdered Americans at Fort Hood by his Muslim brother, he did a SHOUT OUT over their corpses to his buddy for an award he won and not only does the dee mon monkey show no remorse, he laughs like an evil jackal with his big watermelon eating grin and runs off to Disney land with all of their blood still dripping freshly from his dee mon ick dee min hands.
      And for this, his pagan communist anti-American Democrat followers worship and adore him.
      But if they were Americans, they wouldn't.
      Ps. The 14 year old thug Muslim was wearing an O'Bama tee shirt.

    • he also looks like trayvon, you know, the one who took fists to a gunfight.

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