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  • kz7m kz7m Aug 23, 2014 3:49 PM Flag


    Four Americans were murdered in Bengazi, and NOTHING was done to protect them....hundreds of thousands of illegals are streaming across our unprotected borders including individuals carrying Korans, and NOTHING is being done about it...hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians and moderate Muslims are being slaughtered in Syria and Iraq, and NOTHING is being done about it...ISIS has taken over a large part of Iraq and Syria because of the vacuum created by the unspeakably foolish withdrawal of all US troops in Iraq, and is now beheading American citizens at will....Hamas is constantly bombarding Isreal with rockets and has openly admitted to their goal of wiping out the entire Jewish race and the UN is charging Isreal with war crimes while the US does NOTHING....and now America is on the brink of a race war as the Great Golfer-in-Chief and his racist minions like Holder and Sharpton continue at every possible opportunity to fuel the fires of violent racism within our borders.........congratulations to all you people out there that voted and will continue to vote for the disgustingly incompetent likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, etc, must be very proud!

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