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  • MarketCommentator MarketCommentator Aug 13, 1999 10:39 AM Flag

    CISCO will be 100+ by Jan 2000

    Big boys have CISCO as no 1 on their shopping
    list. After Aug 24,
    they should start buying and the
    stock could move to around 75-80. This should give
    momentum to the stock. The momentum players will be in and
    boost the price to 90 by december. When it moves above
    90, the prospect of a stock split should push it to
    100+ by jan 2000.

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    • If this rumor turns out to be true, which I
      doubt, I'll gladly eat my words... please make a
      of this.

      First, "FDHG is a holding company
      for Major Automotive
      Group, a consolidator of
      automobile dealerships in the
      New York area which
      operates through five retail
      automobile dealerships."
      Why in the world would Cisco buy
      a company like
      this? PuLEASE! The poster of this rumor
      wants to move the price FDHG, which in itself is

      highly unlikely for oh so many reasons, and for which
      probably paid more than he wanted to.

      Second, if
      someone posts that Cisco is buying MinuteMaid,
      this increase or decrease the price of orange juice?

      Or will it mean that OJ dispensers will suddenly
      options on Cisco equipment? Ditto previous

      Finally, publicly stating on a message
      board that one
      has access to insider information is
      about as dumb as
      the original rumor (this term is
      being kind here) upon
      which this supposed insider
      information relied.

      Something about full moons and
      Friday the 13th seems
      to pull the wingnuts away from
      the woodwork.

      Go CSCO longs!

    • Well that would be a great company to buy. It
      works nice with a P/E of 345 and they also make
      electrical conduit. And they make spas and bath fixtures.
      And they are a Wireless Communications company. Wow,
      what a package. CSCO could really use all that.

    • what is most likely the direction of the csco's stock price

    • I doubt it. But I supposs it doesn't hurt to
      dream $100... unless your short. A more realistic
      expectation for this stock in the current market environment
      is for the stock to price at its current high
      (69-1/4) by next quarters earnings and finish the year at
      about the same price. I suspect that we are in lateral
      phase for the rest of the year with some new highs and
      lows in between. I wouldn't expect any big moves until
      after the new year. The high point for the year will be
      1-2 weeks after the feds announce on Aug. 24
      (assuming only 1/4 pt.). After Y2K comes and goes with
      realatively little fus, we will see a big earnings run in
      January. imho.

      FYI - Bought at $66. Not my
      brightest move.


    • What is the significance of Aug 24? Is this the scheduled date for an earnings report? Sorry if this is a dumb question - I'm new to this board.

    • With the internet exploding Cisco is in Huge Demand! Cisco will shine even more come Millenium.

      • 2 Replies to ThePretender007
      • you expect more than the measley pop up that we
        had on CSCO this morning. I expected that we would at
        least touch 63 1/4 and then back off for a run at 64
        this afternoon. Think CPI hesitation is already here
        or is CSCO actually weaker short term than it looks.
        Figured at least see 64 here and then attempt that 66 -
        67 area with a good CPI...but it looks as though
        there is a lot of distribution going on with it...

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