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  • InMyOpinion InMyOpinion Feb 27, 2001 4:16 PM Flag

    Supreme Court and Fed


    Now we are on our own.

    God bless America!

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    • Your post made me cry. It is so sad. So true. God bless America. What there is left of her. I see her shoulders bent, garments torn and tattered, yet she holds her head high, still proud--whatta load of crap! We are all getting royally fucked over right now by an Administration trying to make us believe they are doing us a really, really favor. What good is a tax cut going to be when people lose their jobs and don't have salaries to pay taxes on? Cripes almighty, it's a bigga friggin' mess!

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      • Get a hold of yourself. I know your system had you long at 26. I hope you used stop-loss orders. No system is perfect. I've seen your story posted. You already went through the tough part (tumor). You were also around during the Viet Nam War and everyone took to the streets. The sky isn't falling. The tech bubble broke down, that's all. A new dawn is a coming if you have patience and some $$ left.

      • Give me a break! Bear markets happen about every five years, where have you been? The majority of people are working, and traveling. Try to get a reservation at a hotel or a plane reservation lately, I have, not easy, seems they're booked.

    • What does the Supreme Court have to do with anything?

      If anything, their decision was worthless given the recount of dimpled chads with very liberal standards showing GORE still lost as predicted.

      Or did you miss that bit of news that the bourgeois pig liberal media stuck on page 25 yesterday?

    • The Supreme Court has always done what it wants to do, nothing new, but I don't know why you would be concerned with the Supreme Court. As for the Fed, they are independent. I don't know what you mean "we are on our own".

    • I sent this to my Senators and Congressman (copy to Bush and Cheney) today. For those of you who care, write your legislators and let's get this misery over with.

      February 27, 2001

      U.S. Senator Jon Kyl - 202-224-2207
      U.S. Senator John McCain - 202-228-2862
      U.S. Representative J.D. Hayworth - 202-225-3263

      Dear Senators Kyl and McCain and Congressman Hayworth:

      It has now been a year since Alan Greenspan began his targeted attack against the US equity markets. He has succeeded admirably. In just eleven months, he has reduced the value of the NASDAQ market by more than $4 trillion with no end in sight. He was an avowed enemy of low unemployment and is personally responsible for a massive series of layoffs, plant closings, bankruptcies and all the other collateral damage caused by the death throes of our economy. He has killed the creative instincts of many geniuses who, if left alone, could have developed technologies which would have benefited mankind for generations to come.
      During this time, Mr. McCain preaches about his non-issue - campaign finance reform, Mr. Kyl seems to ignore what is happening and Mr. Hayworth attempts to answer by saying that Greenspan is and should be left independent.
      Well, gentlemen, Greenspan is your responsibility. You confirmed his appointment. You sat by and applauded while he did his evil work. Now you and all your fellow incumbents better start thinking about what you'll do when the electorate responds to the rotten economy in the only way they know how - get rid of the incumbency and give new legislators a chance to fix what the incumbents have screwed up.
      I will not waste my time writing to you ever again on this subject. I just wanted you to know how I and millions of other Americans, including your constituents, feel about this horror show.

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