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  • simeon_goldfine simeon_goldfine Mar 20, 2001 10:54 PM Flag

    And, yes, you jackasses, us Jews know

    what is happening to the market. You losers are just jealous. We are genetically smarter than you and that makes it easy to make money in the market while you clowns lose yours.

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    • The Germans are genetically smarter, the Jews are genetically slimier and the scurge of mankind, look what they have done to this once great country. They are systematically ruining it via the media, banking, gov't. They have a plan to introduce the aliens into this country by open borders, thus eliminating one language and hundreds of different races, this will eventually cause the destruction of America and we will be the leading third world nation, with nothing but mutts running around!! Just take a look at Israel they don't allow any crossbreeding or open borders!! One language,One people!! They are the chosen they say!!!

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      • I seem to remember a good Pennsylvania German, Dwight D. Eisenhauer who kicked serious Nazi butt. For the record, there are more people in this country who have a German heritage than any other ethnic group. And I got news for you, loser. Most all of them would help put any scumbag antisemites in jail if they so much as break a traffic law. Look at what happened to the losers in Idaho, they were so stupid they even lost their land.

    • deprogrammed_dickhead deprogrammed_dickhead Mar 20, 2001 10:58 PM Flag

      You are also genetically most unpopular ending up in work for free camps...

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