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  • lilies778 lilies778 Oct 19, 2007 2:25 PM Flag

    like i've been saying

    to determine JWN range , take 2000-2005 range
    2005 will give you the top ($20)
    2000 will give you the bottom range ($10)

    follow the housing stock they lead the way

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    • You can use housing as a measuring stick. By the way, does this measure only affect Nordstrom or do you feel it affects other businesses? The problem I would have in using a measurement like that is that the outcome is predetermined by something that business (or any business) has any control or influence over. Personally, as long as the sun comes up each day - I/m optimistic that Nordstrom will have a great holiday season and overcome the inventory issues they have faced. They have a history of doing just that. Not waiting for a change in the housing market - but being responsible about things under their control.

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      • I don't disagree that the sun comes up everyday, it goes up along with $100 oil, eventually something gotta give.
        I was 3 days late filling up my gas tank the other day, I'd figure it just went Monday, it won't go up again, i'll just fill it on Wednesday , wrong!! , the darn thing went up another .07 cent in 3 days. Geezzz, at this rate i'd better spend my paycheck Monday before inflation gobble up half of it by Friday.
        oh and by the way, i can afford to shop at Nordstrom , but still don't like paying $50+ for filling a small stinking gas tank.

    • Why don't you use the 1990-1995 range instead. it makes as much sense.

      No, actually the Fed leads the way. All else follows; even housing. You can't fight the Federal Reserve forever.

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