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  • bird_calls_rar bird_calls_rar Nov 21, 2008 7:13 PM Flag

    What I would Do If I was Nordstrom's

    It is so simple I can't believe Nordstrom has not done it by now

    Solution, make a bid to Dillard's

    Dillard's has been trashed down to the low dollar level like it look like JWN is doing

    Dillard's is strong in the South, but nothing in the West nor much up North or on East Coast, lot in Florida

    And JWN stores fairly comprable to DDS, or could be upgraded to JWN Class

    Enterprise value of DDS today is $1.5 Bil and DDS owns most of their Real Estate and the land underneath, in various Troph Malls that also may have JWN in them

    JWN wants to spend some $600 Mil on new stores, why do this when you can buy DDS say for $2 Bil and add 300 + Stores

    This would put Macy's and every other Box Retailer on the run in that class

    DDS is Family Controlled, but in today's Market, you might could find a real value with DDS

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    • My thoughts are such that Wal-Mart should buy-out Nordstrom. They are the #1 company in the world, and have higher quality product and customer service.

    • Nordstrom is a completely different concept and culture than Dillards. Nordstrom is about mid to higher priced merchandise, balanced between fashion forward and basic, with an intense focus on customer service and two sale events per year. Nordstrom store furnishings, display units, flooring, lighting etc... is all top drawer.
      Nordstrom has relatively few stores, because suitable prospective locations are rare and finding qualified store employees is a challenge. Nordstrom typically opens a new store with all management personel and some sales floor people all having prior experience working for Nordstrom.
      Dillards is a mid priced store concept with worn out looking cheap display fixtures, branded concepts shops within the store, and floor sales help with little to no experience. Dillards is a completely different from Nordstrom. The two stores have practically nothing in common.

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      • Thanks for that Information, but I am not saying that DDS is to be the surviving Concept

        I'm saying JWN should buy up the DDS chain to get the valuable store locations and expand the JWN concept

        I was not aware of the higher quality sales associates, but don't you think JWN can upgrade the DDS personnel

        Let me know, I got no argument on who has the better concept, I just see JWN needing to get bigger to survive and getting rid of another competitor, even if it is down the JWN scale

        You can put a Piano in a DDS store and tidy the place up a lot cheaper then building new

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