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  • bird4nobama bird4nobama Jul 25, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    Blair, I can tell U don't know f all bout Retail

    Fish like you don't understand how Retailers bring in New Merchandise and pad the price.

    all Retailers live to make a 40 % Margin

    So the new Merchandise you think you got a deal on was padded over 40 %

    Take an item that the Retailer "Owns" at $100 Retail Price...cost was $60.

    What JWN does is a Markup to bring price to $125, a pretty good pad huh?? Then during your Sale, JWN marks the item down to $100 and you think you're saving 25 % ...huh???

    Well on every sale that dayJWN prepares a Markup Cancellation and sells you the item for $100, the real Retail Price they wanted all along to maintain a 40 % Markup

    I know this is all way past your comprhension I know you won't comment. Or if you do, it will be your usual Commie rhetoric....

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