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  • foolschasemomentum foolschasemomentum Aug 20, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    A small weak hand short shake and she resumes downward

    Wash and repeat. It's not a bargain until it test the trailing low. Then it's a wait and see if it holds. This current Q is shaping up to be another disaster. Nor is the RETAILER fairly valued at these levels. If you still on short don't even be concerned. text book playing out here.

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    • Yahoo, what's the deal?

      foolschasemomentum • 1 hour 23 minutes ago

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      as earnings season finishes the most apparent thing....Consumer discretionary sector reported ugly and ugly forward. With that said, the sector is up far, far greater than it should be. Best plays until end of Sept(revisit then) is getting short the sector indexes because they need to come down and down a good deal. In reality it should be the best best sector to short for 2014 as well. Many factors but you need to be nimble towards this year end in case the Xmas effect pumps the sector.

      Short answer: get aggressively short consumer discretionary and re-evaluate going into end of Sept. Short the bounces the sector could come in 10-15% from here and rightfully so. Especially with the"back to school" weakness being talked about combined with the poor Q reports and guidance. Sector got way ahead of itself. It doesn't in a board sense have a huge short interest hence your in early for the READJUSTMENT. Cash and enjoy. JWN is great short. The CD indexed ETF are great places as well.

      Shorting this sector is a goldmine currently. Less

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      foolschasemomentum • 55 minutes ago
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      To clarify short the ETF's with the highest exposure to the clothing retailers though the entire sector is coming down. Clothing retailers are the sweet spot as previously stated........goldmine

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      • Now I know that JimC recently brought this up but this time around he is correct. I made the point well in advance of him.

        HUGE RED FLAG: For any retailer whom struggled since the begining of the year(JWN); we've had the best string of Consumer Confidence numbers over the last 2 quarters and JWN along with apparel have struggled. The entire time the equity prices rose. Big disconnect. Bad sign going forward for apparel.

        Seems we have a sift which showed signs away from fashion/apparel starting last holiday season. It's apparent now that this is the new consumer trend. Discretionary dollars going elsewhere. As with everything there are trends and cycles. The trend or shall we say cycle is in place. JWN along with the whole apparel space is going to be rotated away from and in a nice down trend for good while. Yeah a holiday bounce on over optimism blah, blah maybe Santa Rally crapola but the the new trend is down. Apparel is an extremely overpriced sector forward looking.

        Ahhh a added bonus-- If in fact we get a true overall correction/ downtrend in the overall markets the high flying CDisc stocks will crack adding to the downward pressure in CDisc..Sector.

        JWN is already ramping down prices to move inventory at unseen levels for them. Hence trouble ahead to add to the 2 quarters of trouble behind. JWN is a stellar short. Distribution on bounces fade this name on any and all pops.

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