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  • mobiletechsolutions Feb 9, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    How many will be kicking themselves by the end of this month when the share price is .10 or higher!

    This company has been on fire since the complete restructure and new sales data that's coming in. This stock has not changed it will still be a solid buy in 2013 and I believe will have sales around 21 million or higher. So what's going to happen Monday is this, some very novice investors will get shaken in the AM and sell the smart money will be buying them up left and right. Then on Tuesday or Wednesday when CERP announces yet another 500 thousand or multimillion dollar new sales contract the price will surge back up and this time faster and further than before. The sellers will be crying on the side lines for having given up on the hottest stock of 2013 and the longs will be laughing.

    Plain and Simple.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Wow, so not only can you predict the price movements for multiple days in the future you can also predict material information the company will release.

      LOL, Get real buddy

      How about another way to think about it, the R/S news will crash the stock down to 0.01 a share Monday and float down from there.

      There is a reason they released in a Friday PM instead of a regular market day.

      So keep buying this worthless company , so many better ones

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