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  • wasim_kc1 wasim_kc1 Feb 20, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    I am in at .051, loosing a lot... Any advise..

    Any good advise

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    • Stong Buy = -100% in less then a month. Ohh yeah keep buying!! ( means get the hell out ) rebuy it at 2

    • Charts show that it will break very soon ...yesterday CERP dip to .031 and recovered very fast , that is because it got way oversold , the MM's are testing the waters to get rid of weak hands , hold on to your shares

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      • Your comments are confusing to me. If you are going to look at charts for this stock, I presume you are TRADING it (and won't be holding it very long). If you are suggesting to Buy and Hold, then the technicals really don't matter---it will be the FUNDAMENTALS which will impact those of us holding the stock--not the technicals.
        Let me say this a different way---to what level do your charts say this will recover to? (If it's anything less than .05 you are trading).
        And IMO, the MM's aren't testing anything---there is basically more pressure to sell rather than to buy based on possibility of (1) dilution, (2) R/S and (3) lack of sales. There's no "vig" to be made on the Ask--only the Bid. JMHO

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    • I have been in ur situation sadly but i recommend checking out Explosive Alerts (google them) there alerts seriously helped me out and got me out of my hole!

    • I got in CERP at .03 cents a share , but hang in there, it will do good. Patience is the name of the game. Buy YFRM: It has to do with stem cells and it has gone up twenty cents in a month which is $5,000 for me. I got in at 11 cents a share and it is .31 cents today.

    • if cerp increases outstanding shares to 2 billion at the present price of 4 cents that would equate to 80 million market cap,think twice about buying here....

    • Buy more to dollar cost down. It will bounce. A lot of positive catalysts for this company. I bought a small lot 10000 at 3.5 cents. If this stock can reach a $1, it can hit $5.

    • I think it's sort of tough to know which way this is going to go. The same goes with alternative/advanced biofuel companies like REGI, SZYM (more than just fuel), GEVO, and SYNM. At the price levels over the last week, this is an inexpensive stock for a company that already has patents and makes products that other companies buy. However, they are trying to turn the corner around financial difficulties they faced in the past couple of years. How well they do in improving sales as well as investors' perceptions of how well they're doing will have a bearing on the share price.

      If you feel like you are going to lose more than you can bear losing, you might need to think about selling. But, everyone who's bought in over the last week has either been on the roller coaster the whole time or have jumped on and off the rollercoaster. So, it's tricky to know what's next. And like another poster suggested, there may be wisdom of holding on and the price may come back up within days, weeks, or months. The last spike that occurred with this stock occurred within a weeks time. I think there is a much stronger base of investors invested at this time then at the beginning of last week. There are a lot of people in your same situation. And there are a lot of people who bought into this stock anywhere between 0.04 and 0.051. As long as people don't get scared or decide to sell to early, there is a chance that the stock price gets back to within striking level of when you want to sell, based on what losses you can tolerate or based on what gains you want to make.

      When I started investing, I did so in an improvisational and intuitive way. I looked at companies, got familiar with their business, decided if they had valuable intellectual property, and some record of achievements. I've been finding this is an important part of investing.

      In addition to intuitive investing, I plan on starting to read articles and watch videos on how other people have become successful in daytrading, swingtrading, and long-term investing. In addition, each of these ways of trading stock can be aided by 1) technical analyses of stock trends on the charts, and 2) fundamental analyses of the company's financials.

      The movement in this stock price seems to be caused by a combination of technical analyses of a number of investors, fundamental analyses about the company's ability to make money, emerging news about the business environment of bioplastics, recent patents from the company, and news releases where they acknowledge they are taking measures to turn around the company. A big weight on the stock was due to the company's announcement that shareholders will be voting on 1) a Reverse Split and 2) issuance of additional shares of stock. If these things were to happen, it may or may not turn out to be a big deal for an individual investor. In other words, there may be an upper limit on the share price with the current number of shares. But, after a reverse split, there may be more institutional investors that can invest in the stock and raise the value of investors' holdings more than before a reverse split. There is controversy here and it is partially weighing the stock down.

      There are lots of risk with this stock. I know I have learned a lot about investing in it. If I lose money, I'm going to have to chalk it up as a somewhat expensive educational experience. But, if nothing else, it really showed me that I need to further educate myself on 1) technical analyses, 2) fundamental analyses, and 3) general tips I can find from people on message boards or on instructional online videos.

      This may not help a lot. But, like others, I can identify somewhat with your situation. It's no fun being a "bagholder." And, my guess is that after lots of experience and education, an investor can still be caught "holding the bag," i.e. buying in at a higher price than the current worth.

    • Im holding until .11 ... Im in at .036! this is a good stock so imho you should hold and pick ur own sell point . You will be fine...

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    • How many shares did you buy?
      Did you buy them all at one time?
      Is this your very first stock purchase?
      What were/are your goals for this?

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    • you can not get everything in a month or two. Just hold it and wait for good news to come. the comapny has lot of potential so just wait and pray .. you were in at 0.051 that is so good. I am in at 0.059.

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