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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Mar 27, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    The What If Effect

    In my opinion only, I am really surprised that thy are able to bring this stock down this much. I was going to post sooner butt I decided to wait and bought more shares of it. Now some of these bashers are saying this is a fraud. I think it's ballsy beause that could lead to lawsuits or criminal charges. That is why everytime I make a comment, that it is only my opinion. There are some rumors flying around of a buyout. Is that possible? In my opinion, iit could be possible. There are also rumors of a reversal split. Is that possible? It could be possible. There are rumorrs about them issuing more shares. Is that possible? It could be possible. I don't have all the answers. In my opinion, I believe this company is worth more than two cents. It will have a great impact on the environment and to protect our planet too. I do see a lot of opportunities here. They have patents to proect their invesment. If they could get an edge into a trillion dollar business, it could be worth billions. It is like a drug company spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get FDA approval. Usually when it does get FDA approval, its stock skyrockets. This company has the technology and has been fda approved. They have the patents, it could be worth billions. I tell everybody to do their own research. You guys could sell, I am buying. Thanks for the cheap shares. I love money, money is good, money is green, I see a lot of green in this stock by author Master WallStreet available on Amazon kindle ebook. PS I see a lot of green in this stock.

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    • I own 200k and I hope it goes up but We should all be realistic. This is a very useful product but so far it is not cost effective. Unless governments put a ban on oil based plastic consumers will buy the cheaper plastic regardless of its harm to environment. his about a competitive business. Can they afford to buy a more expensive because of moral concerns? Not if they face strong competition and every penny counts. The retail business and supermarkets face a lot of competition. I hope they can reduce the production cost. That is the key. The world is full of new inventions that are patented and useful but no one buys them because they are not cost effective. It is worth taking a risk and buying 100k or 200k in this stock but it should always be a small share of any investor's portfolio. No more than 5% in my opinion.

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