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  • nhabib123 nhabib123 Apr 2, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    why don't we observe a massive sell off.

    If CERP is in such a bad shape why don't we see a massive sell off. Today we have seen 4.5m shares changing hand. DOn't you think more people would have been trying to dump this stock? Why are so many people holding on to their shares?
    I think we still have some optimistic shareholders who think CERP can turn around.
    Lok forward to hearing other opinions?

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    • in at 2c with great hope, watch it goes pass 6c then news of pending RS and massive dilution forced me to sell off at 4.5c and 4c. Now I do not even want to buy it at 1c.

    • Well. Well. No one has offered a response to my question. I wonder why?

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      • "Why don't we see a massive sell off..."?
        Ok, the price is not SPIKING down...But, c'mon it DOES continue to trend downward. I will speak for myself which may speak for others too:
        I'm holding because I got in on the cheap (less than 10 cents) and with only the amount of money I am "comfortable" with losing. My guess is those who are still holding are in a similar situation---they bought relatively recently and are hoping for ANY news which could turn this company and share price around. A move to 10 cents is not a turnaround for CERP but it could be a quick profit for recent buyers of the stock. Probably many who bought in much earlier (above $1) have already sold off or have so little left they figure they might as well "let it ride" than take what little is left off the table.
        Personally, I am HOPING things get better for CERP. But, if you think your "I wonder why?" comment is an indication many are EXPECTING a turnaround I think you are fooling only yourself. Most of us know what we have (a big risk with potential for big reward) and are holding onto our "lottery ticket shares".
        "A dollar and a dream"...Soon to be "A penny and a HOPE".

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      • Because every stock holder on record has suffered ridiculous loss at the resultant of misleading information. APril 16th will just bring further distress to the already depressed CERP community and finally hopefully a stop to the debacle. If CERP ha any good news, believe me even a mnoron knows they have to give something ...... 16th will probably restate that they have zero financiing, tried to be acquired but no-one is interested and customer prospects are many, but no-one can be named as there is no commitment apart form ones accepting free resin !!!!!!! brilliant !!!!!!!!!

      • in my opinoin, u make a good point... also, there is not a new major shareholder (or there would have been a filing) to vote yes for the RS... instead, there are many many shareholders and that significantly limits the chance of RS (was voted down in the past)... i expect good news... some of the recent developments have been very positive...