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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Apr 2, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    Some good news and some bad news

    In my opinion only, this week they will be voting on a reversal split. I am not 100%% sure about this but I heard that anytime they do a forwarrd or a reversal split they have to get a record count of shares owned. This is good news. This means anybody who is doing naked shorting they have to cover before the voting or get locked into whatever the reversal split is. They would have to cover at a very very high cost. This means that the stock has a possibility of moving a lot higher because a lot of shares have to be covered before votiing starts. That is the bad news for people who are doing naked shorting or regular shorting. earnings come out april 16. That is good news. Hopefully there will be some good news coming out before Friday. I still believe that the stock is undervalued because of their technology and patents. If they could get an edge into a trillion dollar business this stock could be worth billions. I increased some of my holdings today. You have to be fearless to make money in today's market. You have more to gain and less to lose at these prices.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • A reverse split is almost always bad news for the investors if the company is unknown; without a name like AIG, or Citigroup shares continue to fall. Also companies that diversify into other names are more likely juggling their books.

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      • This is a 50/50 possibility of a reversl split. It is not a guarantee. It might get passed. It might not. Did you ever notice? I bought shares in other companies when they were voting on reversal splits. There is most of the time a huge run up before voting because people have to cover. If there is no reversal split the stock might make a huge move. Would you rather buy it 2 cents now or buy it after the meeting at a much higher price.

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