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  • burnieg1011 burnieg1011 Jul 18, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Cereplast & Indian partner- ARMY Group

    I have been trying to piece together the Asian connection for Cereplast to better understand their marketing efforts in Asia. If you recall, ARMY & Cereplast hosted a press conference September 4 2012. The CEO of ARMY mentioned,” We are proud to work with them, and to offer their innovative materials to the South Asian market." Cereplast announced in August that their Indian office in Hyderabad would be located in the offices of ARMY Group Marketing Services (Aug 28,2012 Press). Frederic Scheer, stated, “We are pleased to be in close proximity to our partner A.R.M.Y. who has extensive experience and built credibility in the marketplace. Working closely with A.R.M.Y., who has an extensive marketing network, will provide us the ideal platform to grow in the region."

    Look @ ARMY’s current focus below.
    On the website of ARMY Group’s marketing division (35 offices around India with 300 direct employees and 300 indirect employees) they state the following:

    Presently we are working on:
    * Import and Marketing of Compostable Bio Granules.
    * Marketing and export of Iron ore.

    And we are looking for interesting products to market within India and overseas.

    Visiting ARMY’s website the results of this partnership are now evident:

    “A.R.M.Y is introducing India's first Veg-Bottle(TM) , a 100% compostable and/or biodegradable bottle in its exciting form and shape filled with nutritious still water.

    A.R.M.Y creates a wide range of bioplastic products to meet common,private and public consumer needs and to cater industrial demand for alternatives to traditional plastics.”

    The press release from March 5, 2013 states that, “three dozen companies on the Indian subcontinent are currently testing Cereplast bioplastic resins.” In the June 11, 2013 press release new orders were announced from India with existing & new companies. One was described as a well known polymer solution provider in Hyderadad. It is most likely Jeevan Polymers of Hyderabad which is a large manufacturer.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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