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  • bitter_phil bitter_phil Dec 17, 2011 11:16 AM Flag

    Lady Nordson

    Well Mrs. Nordson I understand why you've done what you've done but I hate you for it. All my years of helping you meet your customers DTG, your safety goals your production goals really meant nothing to you as you seek cheaper labor. A way to make more money than you already do. So sad what corporate American has done to so many. Just a year ago this time, you were giving some of us raises to match that of others,some getting 16% in two years just to close us down.This time last year Mr. Lambert stood above us and wished us a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you for your hard work. Enjoy your families, actually one of the few times we ever heard this type of talk knowing all along we were all about to be given the boot.I guess you don't believe in Karma but she will visit you one day. All of those involved in this silly little game, where you acted like high school kids, no men, especially not human beings. What was the rumor I heard? Project Jaguar.... I guess that meant you'd have enough money to buy a few... But in the end you used a code name for a pu@%y cat which in the end is how you handled it. All of those dumb meetings PS called to say we don't know anything yet but we will let you know, yet when we finally got the final news, it was your typically seniority stays and the others go, wow really worked on that one. So this Christmas I've got to think about paying my mortgage instead of playing Santa. Thanks Nordson management....

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