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  • alexdog0623 alexdog0623 Mar 9, 2006 7:59 AM Flag

    hey amadonervo...

    What is the difference between a German woman and a bowling ball????

    If you tried hard enough you could probaly eat a bowling ball.
    Long and strong on PCU. With Copper pices north of $1.80.

    The A Dog!!!!!

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    • <<What is the difference between a German woman and a bowling ball????
      If you tried hard enough you could probably eat a bowling ball.>>

      Alex you are damn right!
      Some German women are tough, but they are working mares, and when you marry them they help you build a future in life. On the other hand, I met some Amerikan women --- while I lived there, in your country, as a lad --- (and obviously, it is stupid to generalize) all they like is become Jewish princesses before taking you to the cleaners with a good vampire lawyer to suck blood from you that you haven't even made it yet. Some Amerikan pals of mine, living in Amerika, are considering a divorce from their Amerikan wives, but after pricing Amerikan vampire lawyers' fees they decide to buy a new house instead.

      My wife is Austrian born. Her name is Heide, and she is 25 years younger than I. She gave me two beautiful boys. Lately, she got concerned about a few lines on her face. So, she went to a beauty shop in Vienna, and got an expensive mud pack. For a few days she looked really nice, like when I met her 10 years ago. Then the mud fell off.

      But that was not all. Then she went to a local beauty shop, 5 miles from our chalet here, and wanted her face lifted. They couldn't do that. But for US$1,000. they lowered her body.

      Now you know why I got to make heavy bucks shorting PCU; I got an expensive wife!
      And Heide always reminds me I spend money like water; drip, drip, drip...

      From the lovely Austrian Alps,

      PS. As to wives..., Heide told me: "Our anniversary is coming, dear..."
      "OK. Where do you want to go to make it unforgettable?" I told her.
      She said: "I want to go somewhere special, different, uncommon; somewhere I've never been before."
      I said, "Try the kitchen!"

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