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  • nakatomi_2 nakatomi_2 Jun 14, 2006 9:13 PM Flag

    it's a broken stock...

    this and pd are dead...i can't believe this...
    one freakin' up day and the longs have an orgasm...
    this was a gift, a chance to get out...

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    • looser...ignored

    • The only thing is broken is your Ass.

    • Qaydan, that looser posted that a year ago and is long gone.

    • You seem to fail to understand the difference between the dot coms and real stocks. Real stocks have profits and have desired products. Dot coms, many, were just puffs of wind with nothing to back them up. To compare the two is a very funny idea.

    • nakatomi: Maybe it is because longs understand the stock and the company. Why? Because we have seen this all before a number of times. Now a day trader, or just trader, like yourself, cannot see beyond the next day's trade.
      I've been in this stock for over two years. We've seen the Chinese say they are trying to slow their economy a couple of times as a way to reduce commodity prices so they can resume their buying after the panic reduced the price. This stock also rewards investors with a nice piece of the action. It has been a great stock. We survived the socialist scare of the previous elections and all the times the shorts yelled the sky is falling. The sky didn't fall and the stock in jerking motions continued higher.
      For now, the fundamentals remain strong. Someday, they may really change and then longs will need to reevaluate to see if the change outweighs the desire to remain long. But it won't be because of someone saying the sky is falling.

    • This is my last post to you on this seeing how I have already wasted too much of my time on your ignorance.

      You assume that they are selling the lot of shares they just aquired (were gifted) the previous month. That assumption is obviously wrong since Gomez sold 5 times the number of shares he was gifted.

      Again, this all goes back to your original and wrong posting that insiders were buying over the past year. They weren't. They were getting free stock. Gifted stock is ZERO indication of insider confidence.

    • Just noticed your previous post... not 26 and don't live in Ohio... I bet your not Male also... LOL

      Why should we believe you if your afraid to even list real stats on yourself.

      If you lie about something as small as a profile, why would you be telling the truth any other time...

      Dimes to Donuts you don't even own stock anywhere... LOL

      Your on Ignore, don't waste my time...

    • <i went through this same crap with desperate longs back in 2000 with the dotcoms>

      Boy everybody listen to this guy... he was trading at the ripe young age of 19. Where you get the money? from Daddy?

      This guy is a joke...

    • and BTW, there are two reasons to why they haven't sold their gifted stock. The first is that there are SEC restrictions on how soon you can sell stock gifted to executives.

      The second is simple tax reasons. These executives are likely in the 33 or 35% tax brackets. Their cap gains is the entire value of the stock, so they can save 18 to 20% if they wait a year to sell to get the 15% long term rate. If they think the stock is going to fall more than that in a year, they can buy some cheap puts to hedge the position. With 100% of the stock value as cap gains, it would be more than foolish for them to sell right off, even if they thought the stock was dropping.

    • No, the topic at hand was your statement (posted twice) that "insiders who've been buying PCU for a year straight", which I pointed out was wrong in that they didn't buy anything. I even linked proof. You then told me I was "wrong twice",you either lied or were incorrect and then flamed me for correcting you and ignored my linked proof. I flamed you back. The "personal attack" was more than deserved.

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